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Аренда (снять) квартиру посуточно в Донецке

Квартиры на сутки, посуточно в Донецке

Снять недорого жилье в Донецке

Euro 2012 in Donetsk...

Donbass arena welcome guests...

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Getting around Ukraine...

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Donetsk today

Modern Donetsk is the largest economic complex...

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12 wonders of Donetsk region

12 wonders of Donetsk region that should be surely visited!

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Donetsk is one of the most largest cities in Ukraine...

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Donetsk restaurants,  clubs, bars, pubs, pizzerias, cafes in Donetsk
Many restaurants and cafes in Donetsk will offer you not only dishes of Oriental and European cuisine but also cultural program. The list of catering establishments is not limited to cafes and restaurants. There are coffee shops in Donetsk, where you will offer dozens of recipes for aromatic and divine beverages. There is a brewery, which will offer you a real (no preservatives added) amber-colored drink. Nightclubs in Donetsk will offer you a variety of entertainment. >>

Interview with the president of the Donetsk Regional Association of Bartenders Begeza Andrei. ... >>

Planned matches: Group matches, quarter-final and semi-final Seating capacity: 77,000 Home to Ukrainian giants FC Dynamo ... >>

Modern Donetsk is the largest economic complex playing an important role in creation of material base of Ukraine... ... >>

In spite of Donetsk being a mining region and an industrial city, it is one of the largest centers of culture and arts in ... >>

The Donbass Arena is the first stadium in Ukraine and Eastern Europe designed and constructed in accordance to ... >>

Czech Republic delegation is headed by hetman of Moravian-Silesian Region, Jaroslav Palas, General Consul of the Czech ... >>

Every year Donetsk actively acquires the traits of European country ... >>

To Euro 2012 there will be camping-park for 7000 people in Donetsk. ... >>

New year 2011 promises a big change on the way to growth. It is important year in all spheres of social life. ... >>
Donetsk, 29.05.2017
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Pressure: 737мм
Humidity: 60%

Donetsk City Climate City Donetsk is located in the centre of the Donbass, southern part of upland, called the Donetsk ridge. Total area of the city is 358 km ². The total extent of Donetsk from the east to west is 55 km and from north to south 38 km. Besides that Donetsk is located in the steppe zone, more exactly in the upper reaches of the river Kalmius. Regional centre surrounded by small hills, rivers, lakes and forests. And along with all nearby cities, the capital of Donbass is a part of the Donetsk metropolitan area (Donetsk - Makeevka - Khartsizk). European Football Championship 2012 The UEFA European Football Championship 2012, commonly called Euro-2012 will be 14-th European Football Championship, held every four years under the auspices of UEFA. The tournament will be conducted jointly with Ukraine and Poland. The final part will begin on June 9, 2012 and will end on July 1, 2012 This will be the third tournament in the history of European national football championships, the owners of which are the two countries. The first was European Championships 2000 held in Belgium and Netherlands, the second European Championship 2008 held in Austria and Switzerland.The tournament will involve 16 teams. Ukraine and Poland will automatically qualify as host country. The remaining 14 teams will be determined on the basis of qualifying round matches, which begins in August 2010. The draws will take place on February 7, 2010 in Warsaw ...>>
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